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Welcome to Ellco Etikett’s Label Academy – an educational institution tailored for those who want to expand their knowledge within the label universe!

Oh well … Should there be any words or phrases you do not understand so will at least the label academy assist with a simple explanation and fine color images. We hope you will be enlightened.

Do you have questions of a more business related matter, there is a greater chance that you will find the answer in the FAQ.

History of labeling

The first known label appeared around the year 1700. Can you guess what they were mainly made for?

Printing methods

Several types of print techniques are used in the production of self-adhesive labels, and Ellco Etikett covers many of these techniques. Read more about which methods we use and what is out there.


The colours of a label decides which printing method we use, to make the best possible result. Is it a photograph, an illustration or a cover-all? We can help you to see the difference in the methods.


The substrate which is used in making labels is made out of three layers. The combination of these three layers are almost endless.

Surface treatment

Do you want to protect your labels or maybe give it an amazing stop-effect? Surface treatment is important to make your label the best there is!


When your labels are printed and has reach the end of the press, the last step is how you want them delivered.

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