With six printing machines, which are updated regularly, we cover almost every need in the market. An extensive experience and employees with certificates of apprenticeship printing, provides for an efficient production environment. Together we can solve your challenges, almost no matter the needs and use for the label.

All of our machines can produce labels to be delivered in rolls, fan folded or sheeted. We can also deliver labels stapled or glued in blocks.

Digital print

HP Indigo WS 6800

Technical summary

7 colors, (cmyk + white + special colours)
Laminating and varnish
Screen print and hot foil
Format: 317 x 980 mm

In 2005 Ellco Etikett was one of the first printing companies in Norway to obtain a digital printing press. We have upgraded to newer models since then, and the quality is amazing! This machine is one of the most efficient digital printing presses for larger volumes in the label and packaging business.

The printer is superior in quality when it comes to color. It can print with seven different ink stations at once (CMYK, orange, purple and green). This means that the machine hits almost the entire gamut of the Pantone-scale. You can hardly see the difference between a label produced in this machine, and a label produced with spot colors in flexo.

EFI Jetrion 4900

Technical summary

5 colours, (cmyk + white)
Laser die cutting
Format: 200 mm x endless length

We bought the EFI Jetrion 4900 in 2012, and it is the only label press in Norway with a laser die cutting unit. With this machine, we can print your labels without stop – from printing file to finished, winded rolls.

Along with digital printing and cutting, the machine also has a peeling and winding module. The print file is sent to a computer on the machine, which prints the label digitally in CMYK colors. In addition, it probably has the best digital white in the world. It looks almost identical to screen print white. The laser can die cut all odd shapes, and is automatically programmed based on the print file. Et voilà – your labels are ready for shipment.

This press is perfect for small to medium sized jobs that require fast delivery. In other terms, it is perfect for branding and retail businesses.


Mark Andy Performance series P7

Technical summary

7 colors UV
Screen print and hot foil
Varnish, laminating and adhesive side print
Format: 330 x 610 mm

This is the best equipped printing press we have. It is a high-end solution which secures productivity for large volumes, and at the same time manages the most complex jobs in the label business. A complex job is for instance labels with details as screen print, embossing, hot foil and printing on the adhesive side.

In addition, the machine is very easy to set up, which is not the norm for all flexo presses. There is little time spent on preparing tools and plates thanks to the easy access points and construction of the machine. There are also environmental gains in less set up waste.

Digicon Series 3

Technical summary

2 colours UV
Varnish and laminating
Screen print and hot foil
Format: 350×480 mm

We run two differently configured Digicon Series 3. Both are mainly used for finishing digitally printed labels. The most versatile of the two machines simply is the finest of its kind in Scandinavia, while the other one takes productivity to a new level.

The press we call “Big Foot”, gives us the opportunity to print with several effects at the same time – like embossing or debossing and hot-foil. To top it off, there is no problem in adding tactile varnish with screen print, or eventually just regular varnish and die cut.

Our Digicon “Fast Track” ” makes finishing easier and faster. It has high-speed die cutting and winding and can produce finished rolls in up to 150 meters per minute. As such, the machine can be used to produce blank labels as well, in a very cost-efficient way!

Furthermore, we are the only printing company in the world that has a module for closing-labels on this machine. That means, when the labels have been rolled up, the machine prints out closing-labels with information about the amount and the job and attaches them to the rolls, completely automated. Then it is only for the printer to remove the rolls and put them right into boxes for dispatching to the customer.

Die cut and winding machines

Omega ATR 410

Technical summary

2 die stations
Shock-Air holing tool
Direct winding
Format: 410 x 440 mm

This machine might be growing old, but is still running without any complaints. It deals with the blank labels – die cutting them, splits them into lanes and winds them into suitable size rolls.

As everything else in this world, this machine will not last forever. It will run until it stops, and then our Digicon Series 3 Fast Track will take over. In other words, we are fully equipped to deliver your blank labels!


Our Daco is a straight-out winding machine, and that means it turns the large rolls from the printing presses into more manageable ones. If you order a large number of rolls, this is the machine that finishes them, and in no time at all.

Cartes Sheeter

Most label producers have printing presses that run from roll to roll. If you want your labels delivered in sheets, then there are not many that can help you. The Cartes Sheeter at Ellco Etikett solves your problem! It is extraordinary accurate and cuts thousands of labels hourly, either you want them separately or in sheets of several labels.


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