We are team Ellco Etikett

We wish to serve our customers in the best possible way, and to do that personal contact is important! Do you wish to have a chat over the phone, or want to send an e-mail to one of our team members? You’ll find the right person here.

You can also send us an e-mail to mail@ellco.no or call us at +47 67 06 20 40.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Sverre Torp
    Sverre Torp FINISHING
    • Sjur Erik Digernes
      Sjur Erik Digernes PRODUCTION SUPPORT
      • Håvard Skagmo
        Håvard Skagmo PRESS OPERATOR
        • Jan Cezary Hubrich
          Jan Cezary Hubrich FINISHING
          • Fredrik Jenssen
            Fredrik Jenssen PRESS OPERATOR
            • Thomas Sundby
              Thomas Sundby PRESS OPERATOR
              • Mona Karlsen
                Mona Karlsen FINISHING/PRESS OPERATOR
                • Hoang Van Ngoc
                  Hoang Van Ngoc PRESS OPERATOR
                  • AHMAD SULTAN IBRAHIM
                    • Fredrik Peeters
                      Fredrik Peeters PRESS OPERATOR
                      • Tom Sagsveen
                        Tom Sagsveen PRESS OPERATOR
                        • OSKARS JEKABSONS
                          OSKARS JEKABSONS PRESS OPERATOR
                          • TROND HAUGEN
                            TROND HAUGEN FINISHING MANAGER

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