Every working day we answer a number of questions relating to labels or customer care in general. The following list reflects the questions that appears most often, while trying to give straightforward answers to these. Simply click on the question to see the answer.

If you do not find an answer to your question here, you can either try your hand at Ellco’s Label Academy, or simply call us. One thing is certain, however – there are no stupid questions!

1. What is the limits of volume per order?

There is no limit of volume, but we give recomendations on volumes relative to type of label and utilization of our machines.

2. What is the smallest volume I can order?

There is no lower limit, but the difference in price between 100 labels and 500 is close to nothing, som we seldom deliver less than 500 labels.

3. How do I order labels?

You choose the format and design, we print and ship! You can also send us an e-mail or give us a call at +47 67 06 20 40, and we will help you to the right label for your needs.

4. What kind of labels can I use outdoors?

We would recommend synthetic labels for outdoor use. Based on the inquiery we will adapt the printing method to uptain the best colour and durability.

5. Do you make labels for A4 laser printers?

Yes, we cut labels in your prefered format and sort them in to bundles of A4. We will also recommend a substrate that suits the printer for the best result.

6. Do you stock standard labels?

Sorry, we do not stock standard labels.

7. Do you have standard prices on labels?

Sorry, we do not have standard prices on labels. There are so many different qualities in substrates, and variables in colour and the machines that we need to calculate every inquiry. Why not try our new online store, Ellco Express? You choose the format and design, we print and ship! You can also send us an e-mail or give us a call at +47 67 06 20 40, and we will help you to the right price and label for your needs.

8. Are there standard measures on the dies?

No, but we have between 3000 and 4000 different dies to choose from, so we should have the one you need.

9. What is the difference between thermo labels and thermo transfer labels?

The difference is in the material. Thermo is a heat sensitive material which reacts to the heat from the printer head. When printing with Thermo transfer we use a colour ribbon(carbon ribbon) in the printer which transfer the print on to the substrate. With this method it is not the substrate itself that is heat sensitive.

10. What is you terms of delivery?

We offer free shipping in Oslo. For other cities and places shipping is not included and the customer will be charged. We will always deliver in neutral packaging to resellers and grossers. Please, do read our conditions of sale and delivery.

11. What is the difference between straight and rounded edges on the label?

Rounded edges is the most common, and occurs when we use a die. Straight edges is made with a slit in the gap between the labels on the substrate.  The most important difference is that labels on a roll with straight corners cannot be used in automated dispencers or printers.

12. What is your time of delivery?

Our goal is to always be able to deliver faster tha our competitors! Even if it is realy urgent we seldom have problems meeting the needs of our customers. If nothing said otherwise we deliver in a week or two, but everything depends on the type of job.

13. What is a PMS colour code?

We use the Pantone coulour scheme which describes over 1000 differnet colours and shades. To match the rignt colour our customer want we need the PMS number. You can read more about this under colours in the Label Academy.


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