File Proofing

How we want your files to be:

To make sure that your label can go smoothly through the printing process, the printing file needs to fulfil some criteria:

We prefer for receive the file in the formats pdf-, eps- and ai-files. Picture-files can be sent as tif- or jpg-format, but make sure it has a high or good enough resolution. If the label is to be printed in several variations and in different formats, please send it as one pdf, with each label on separate pages.

The resolution should be 150 pixels per cm or 300 pixels per inch, in size 1/1.

If we are to make corrections, either right away or later, we need a separate text-file. If so it is important that we also get the fonts to go with. Open Type Fonts are preferred, but at least make sure the fonts as suitable for Mac.

Remember to ad bleed (1.5 mm) to your files where need be. If the print should go all the way to the edges, we need a bit more to go on, so the cut is correct.

N.B. The Die cut edge must be visible in the pdf-file, so we make the correct cut.

Remember to give us the PMS colour code in addition to, or instead of, the ordinary print colours (CMYK).

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions about this, or about labels with variable data or more personal looks.


Sending the files

When it comes to the best way of sending the files to us, we recommend that you send it by e-mail to your customer contact. You can also upload your files and send them to your customer contact by using our send files-form here on our website.

If your files are particularly big, please contact us for alternate ways of sending them.


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