Ellco Etikett produce labels for every use! Whether the labels should sit on chainsaws, water heaters or whimsy, our expertise and services ensure that you get the right product.

The categories below are for guidance in relation to what industry or what environment your labels are to be used in. It is of course quite possible that you do not recognize yourself in any of the categories. Then simply contact us, and let us find out together what you need. You can also stop by our online store to check prices on some types of labels.


This is one of the largest markeds Ellco Etikett delivers to, and we can offer labels with serial numbering, barcodes and other variable information.

Chem/ Tech

These labels has to endure some tough challenges and Ellco Etikett knows how to find the best solution for your label.

Storage/ Logistics

This another industry where we have great experience. If you need labels for transporting goods, neutral labels, standradr print and/or thermo transfer? Call us, we can provide!

Food industry

This is our largest market pool, and we are experts! Do you have containers og bottles with your own produce, large or small? We will label them!

Pharmacy/ Cosmetics

The Pharmacy and cosmeticsbusiness are in growth, and we pay close attention! Talk to us, we have great experience!

Other sectors

We make everything from gift labels to window decor and merchandising, or maybe you own a flower shop? We will make your labels stand out!


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