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«Other sectors» is a wide term, and such a collective term is hard to present. But what we can say for sertain is that labelling is often about promoting ones’ company or product. One may want labels for window decorations, displays, ads and other eye-catching promotions or decorations – and we can do it! As a matter of fact, we do it quite often as well.

With the largest fleet of machines in the labelling industry, and decades of experience, we can satisfy most any wishes and needs. For instance, our digital printer can print small volumes in no time at all. That is a big advantage in todays’ dynamic market. There is little to none of what we cannot do – the print is of photographic quality, and every single label can be personalized to your specifications.

Do you want something special made? We offer effects like varnish, foil imprint, screen print, embossing, laminating, and in addition probably largest selection of substrates in Norway.

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