Not only do we provide you with top noch labels, we can also provide you with systems for your own label production – thermal printers, carbon ribbon and special labels.


The printers use either of the methods thermal or thermal transfer, to print the labels.

When printing by thermal, one must use a heat sensitive material. In short the thermal printer uses a hot beam to treat a heat sensitive layer in the thermal paper. This makes the material change colour and present the information. If you use a multi-colour-printer, you can print in different colours by adjusting the temperature.

In thermal transfer there is a heat sensitive colour ribbon which is heated by the printer and sticks to the front material of the label. It is almost like the ribbon in an old type writer. This method provides a resistant print which can resist a harsher environment, and can be used in combination with other substrates.

The printers have different resolutions regarding the text, but most common are 203 and 300 dpi. Also, most of the printers communicate with SD-cards, USB, Ethernet and RS232.

The desktop models covers most of the demands, and we can provide you with the most common brands, like TSC, Datamax, Zebra, Sato, Intermec and Cab.

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Thermo transfer foil – Carbon ribbon

The demands for labeling products and packaging are always peeking. Because of this we provide you with top quality thermo transfer foil. Whether you need it for small table models or large printers in your production industry, we provide it!

We offer three qualities:

  • wax,
  • wax/resin
  • og resin.

The thermo transfer foil is available in colours as well.

The labels fit the most used an known printers in the market, such as Zebra, Sato, Datamax, TSC, Intermec and Cab.

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Label dispenser

LAB01 is a manual label dispenser to apply labels to bottles, cans, jars and other cylindrical objects or products. With this dispenser every label is applied in the same location on your product.

You can easily adjust the size from 12.7 mm to 165mm in diameter without using any tools at all. Considering the sizes there are no problem labelling everything from chap sticks to large cans.

The label dispenser is perfect for small volume labeling.

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Standard EDI Labels

Labels used in transportation of goods, also known as EDI labels, are one of our biggest production volumes, regarding neutral labels.

Self-adhesive EDI labels on rolls, size 102x192mm, are stacked in boxes of 24 rolls, about 350 labels per roll. These labels are customized to fit the demands of logistics companies like PostNord, Norlines, Schenker, DHL, Bring and Consignor.

We have EDI-labels in stock, and deliver on demand. If you need other sizes, just let us know – we can make any size.

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Epoxy label

Some would call them domed labels, others call them 3D-labels or epoxy labels. Whatever the name, you have probably noticed labels with a thick, transparent layer on top. These labels have many uses, but are primarily used for furniture, larger electronical appliances and machines. They are very robust and easily visible due to their three-dimensional feel.

These labels rarely shows signs of wear. The clear polyurethane substance is self-healing, cuts and scratches disappear in moments after.

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